About the Amplience Summer Summit

Customer-First Commerce Experiences

The world of retail was already changing before Covid-19, now the need for change is unstoppable. Creating great customer-first experiences is more important than ever. Hosted by Amplience and sponsored by commercetools and Myplanet, we explored the effects of Covid-19 on the retail landscape, delved into customer case studies, explored how to create the best possible customer-first commerce experiences, and how a headless architecture might be the way to do it.

The available on-demand webinar sessions:

  • How Harry Rosen is putting customers first with headless commerce
  • Business User Session: Making customer first experiences a reality for eCommerce teams with Crate & Barrel
  • Technology Session: Technical Deep-Dive: Under the Hood of a Customer First Experience


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Selection of speakers

Ian Rosen - VP Digital & Strategy @ Harry Rosen

Ian Rosen
VP Digital & Strategy at Harry Rosen

Melissa Liotus - Direkcotr eCommerce Marketing & Merchandising @ Create & Barrel

Melissa Liotus
Director of eCommerce Marketing & Merchandising at Crate & Barrel

Kelly-Goetsch - CTO @ commercetools

Kelly Goetsch
Chief Product Officer at commercetools

Thom Armstrong - VP Solutions @ Amplience

Thom Armstrong
VP Solutions at Amplience