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Learn how to create your own microservices-based commerce foundation so you can quickly move onto building innovative and unique shopping experiences across every channel for your customers.

The commercetools Blueprint Architecture for Modern Commerce is a set of pre-designed templates that helps enterprise IT teams and system integrators accelerate the deployment of the commercetools commerce platform.

Modern enterprises across industries are adopting microservices for the flexibility and agility this software design methodology enables.

commercetools is an API-based commerce platform for enterprise that was architected specifically for microservices deployments. Yet while microservices has been around for awhile, implementing commerce in this way is fairly new.

That’s why our team of solution architects developed the commercetools Blueprint Architecture for Microservices Commerce. Through a series of templates and freeware, IT teams and system integrators can quickly create a foundation upon which they can build and deploy microservices for commerce, and for any API-based platform they might be using.

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