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About the Case Study

Looking ahead with better eCommerce

Even when shopping for glasses online was only a vision, Apollo-Optik had the foresight that soon online sales would be the mainstream, especially among the younger buyers. Since 2016, this international eyewear company and German market-leader had been innovating and expanding its eCommerce, but only in 2019 things would turn for the better with the launch of its new online shop powered by commercetools. Thanks to the MACH-architecture of their commerce platform, Apollo-Optik can not only design individual digital customer journeys but also continue to roll out new implementations without any limit in sight.

"We clearly see the online shop as an integrated sales channel with growth potential and definitely have ambitious sales targets. And as a source of information, is playing an increasingly relevant role in the sense of an omnichannel strategy."
– Daniela Zbick, Head of Digital, Apollo-Optik

To learn more about Apollo, visit their website [DE].