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About the Case Study

Inspiring story-led experiences meets luxury as eCommerce

Bang & Olufsen, a leading global luxury lifestyle brand, decided to strengthen its direct-to-customer sales online by improving their eCommerce to create unique customer experiences across all audiences. The shopping experience in its new website should be driven by storytelling rooted in the brand’s history, design, products and collaborations. The solution was to embrace an omnichannel strategy and replace the entire eCommerce infrastructure. Based on the commercetools’ architecture, B&O’s new future-proof eCommerce is scalable and flexible enough to adapt to any of the company’s requirements and growth.

“Now that we have a modern headless platform, this is where the real fun starts, where we can enable omnichannel features and functionalities. This points to doing a lot of things right.“
– Tomas Antvorskov Krag, Director eCommerce at Bang & Olufsen

To learn more about Bang & Olufsen, visit their website.