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E-Commerce at the summit: Premium Sports equipment and rentals

Bründl Sports, one of the largest sports and rental retailer in the Austrian Alps, decided to end its 49-year-old cooperation with INTERSPORT Austria to pursue its own philosophy.

The new online presence of Bründl Sports should embrace their excellent customer service culture and transmit its enthusiasm for winter sports. Based on commercetools, the developed rental platform seamlessly integrates online and offline experiences across various touchpoints, such as rentable ski boxes at the valley stations.

“The platform should allow for the flexible connection of individual apps and services at any time so that we can quickly implement new offers and ideas for our customers. It was also important to us that the platform is API- and cloud-based and therefore scalable. We wanted to offer our customers a unique and unforgettable experience on all channels”
– Wolfgang Huber, Head of IT at Bründl Sports

To learn more about Bründl Sports, visit their website.