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Retro-chic meets future-proof: A new era for the digital trade in luxury watches

For high-quality watches, five years may be a mere blink of an eye, but for a digital commerce solution with a finger on the pulse of time, it is a long time.

That’s why CHRONEXT, a global platform for luxury watches, needed to up its digital commerce game. With its new commerce platform based on the commercetools architecture, time is no longer an issue: The CHRONEXT website has a quick reaction time and can be swiftly updated and adapted to the company’s every requirement – reliable as clockwork. Thus, the company not only presents the luxury products accordingly, but also meets correspondingly high demands and expectations of its customers on the shopping experience.

“It would have taken us years to build a solution like this ourselves.” – Emanuel Schleussinger, CTO at CHRONEXT

To learn more about CHRONEXT, visit their website.