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Shutdown opens up new eCommerce possibilities

In 2020, the COVID-19 shutdown put many businesses to the test. And for Mission Linen Supply, an industrial laundry and linen rental company, it was no different – but they did have one thing on their side: their partnership with commercetools. Originally, Mission Linen Supply used the commercetools platform for its direct sales app for drivers to take customers' orders in person. With lockdown restrictions, however, they saw the number of their customers from the hospitality industry shrink. The solution? Pivoting to online sales ASAP. And thanks to commercetools' speed, flexibility and agility, this solution was implemented with incredible swiftness and ease.

“We were able to launch two sites within a year with commercetools – a full B2B site and a full B2C site. If we didn’t already have commercetools in place [before COVID] and were trying to scramble, it would have been really, really tough.”
– Dave Pattison, CIO and Vice President Information Technology, Mission Linen Supply

To learn more about Mission Linen Supply, visit their website.