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About the Case Study

A fresh start for the food market

REWE, Germany's pioneer and leader online retailer for fresh food, set out to change the course of the food industry to a more digitized future. The main impulsor behind this development is REWE digital, the company's provider of online solutions. Being the driving force in digital food retailing expands, REWE digital expands REWE’s successful online-shop for groceries, along with partners, to include an online marketplace.

Although the development wasn't without obstacles – ranging from the partner's onboarding to scalability and performance issues – the team managed with the commercetools solution to rise from the challenge and create a successful marketplace ready for the future.

“The more complex and dynamic an online marketplace is, the more difficult it is to predict what will be needed technologically in the future. We rely on the microservice-based commercetools’ architecture for maximum flexibility and scalability.“
– Robert Zores, CTO REWE digital

To learn more about REWE Marketplace, visit their website (German).

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