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Goodbye Monolith, hello Modern Commerce

As the biggest retail chain in Denmark, it was imperative for Salling Group to be scalable and cost-efficient – and their old monolith commerce solution could not keep up. So they decided to re-platform completely with commercetools’ headless, microservices architecture. And this had a big impact on Salling Group’s websites. Now, they can scale higher traffic volumes, their web shop pages are operating much quicker, and their baskets have a response time of an astounding 140 milliseconds. And best of all, the solution brought faster time-to-market for their new web shops down to two months and lowered eCommerce costs by 75%.

“We worked with commercetools to implement a microservice-based, headless commerce architecture, which made our release cycles go from once every other week to multiple times per day.”
– Tina Lykke Kristensen, Senior Manager Non-Food eCommerce, Salling Group

To learn more about Salling Group, visit their website.