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An eye for excellent eCommerce

Swarovski Optik is a world-leading manufacturer of premium high-precision long-range optical products for hunters, bird watchers and nature lovers. Their purpose is to inspire people to discover the world’s beauty, but, like many companies restrained by monolithic commerce architecture, Swarovski Optik found that their system couldn’t live up to what they envisioned – a highly customized online store, a faster time to market and the ability to adapt different functionalities. In partnership with Bright IT, Swarovski Optik set off to find a headless, API-first commerce approach best suited for their vision and needs. Using commercetools and Contentful, Swarovski Optik’s webshop is aligned with the brand’s identity and set up to create inspiring customer experiences.

“You're not planning it for now. You're planning it for the future. Because if you're just taking the status quo right now, you'll be planning for something that was in the past.”
- Hans Nilsson, E-commerce and Digital Platforms at Swarovski Optik

To learn more about Swarovski Optik, visit their Website.