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Fresh air for tomorrow’s eCommerce
With an organically grown structure and a 40 year old ERP-system for the resource planning, it was about time for TROX GmbH, undeniably a major player in room ventilation and air conditioning worldwide, to fresh up its digital distribution channels. The new flexible microservices architecture and following the API- first approach, not only takes the customer area myTROX, which is responsible for assembling and pricing highly individualized products from up to 30 million possible configurations, to the next level. The launch of the configurator meant that the TROX customer management and the ordering process will also become simpler by following the principle: one platform, one surface, one login. 

“What if TROX’s facilities were capable of generating data by themselves, which would be then sent back to the platform in the future? Thus, for instance, spare parts could be ordered and maintenance provided. All this will be sustained in the future, thanks to commercetools’ flexibility.” – Benjamin Gartzke, Projekt Manager E-Commerce at dotSource
If you would like to learn more about Trox GmbH's new digital business models, visit their website.