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Part I – How to Successfully Execute on the Goal of Digital Transformation... Beyond Out-of-Box Commerce Solutions 

Does implementing a basic eCommerce functionality make a company digital? Beyond eCommerce, what are the top challenges for companies when transforming into digital enterprises? Is digital replacing physical or what is the right mix between physical and digital? Why does digital transformation feel more like staying ahead and less like creating a competitive advantage? What do successful digital transformations look like and how are they performing?

In this webinar, we’re answering these questions and more around “digital” and “transformation”. We’re showing you why you need an architectural mindset when thinking about competitive sustainability, as opposed to single-point solutions. We’re also highlighting both best and worst practices from companies both enterprise and mid-market across a variety of industries.

Part II – How Headless Commerce and Digital Competencies Go Hand-in-Hand to Serve Your Customers 

Don’t ask, “do I need headless commerce?” Ask “what digital competencies do I need to serve customers where they are?”

Forrester believes that it starts with mindset. For example, stop thinking “Build vs Buy” because your choice is “Customize or Compose.” Any company – enterprise, mid-market, small business – can create an adaptable software culture when they take these steps:

  • Buy only modern apps and suites that are easily adaptable — otherwise, compose.
  • Find more developers.
  • Use headless models to kick-start a digital continuous improvement culture.

Leaders must establish six competencies to drive digital experience maturity: structure, strategy, governance, process, technology, and culture. Shape your digital experience technology investments by four priorities: an API-first stack, cloud-first deployment, practitioner self-service, and automation. These will ensure you have the flexibility you need while also enabling marketers to be creative and hands-on.

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Guest Speakers

Bernhard Schaffrik

Bernhard Schaffrik
Principal Analyst at Forrester

Bernhard’s research supports CIOs and technology leaders with their broader transformation challenges. His thought leadership provides guidance on how to manage technology-driven business models and how to drive sustainable technology innovation. Bernhard is a hands-on expert in emerging technologies such as robotic process automation (RPA), artificial intelligence (AI), the internet of things (IoT), and cloud computing. Leveraging his business process and enterprise architecture expertise, Bernhard’s research takes a holistic look at business and operations automation and serves clients in these areas of responsibility.

Joe Cicman

Joe Cicman
Senior Analyst at Forrester

Joe helps eBusiness professionals assess, improve, and optimize B2B and B2B2C eCommerce technologies and strategies. As part of the digital transformation team, Joe provides a proven practitioner’s lens for organizations to understand how to deploy the economics of digital commerce that unleash best-in-class outcomes. His research also supports technical teams by covering the tools and software suites for driving online channels, digitally enabled selling, and new direct-to-consumer (DTC) initiatives.