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Consumer expectations are rapidly evolving and placing heavier demands on retailers to meet their needs. To satisfy their customers and capitalize on these changes, retailers must be able to tailor their digital commerce capabilities and deliver optimized customer experiences.

While technical innovation can be difficult, it is an essential ingredient in retail differentiation. Too many retailers have no way to extend the business logic provided by their platform provider, or get real-time access to platform events - making it impossible to react dynamically to customer interactions.

You don't find these technical constraints when you use commercetools. It handles the core needs all retailers have while allowing you to experiment and differentiate where you need to. The commercetools platform offers you powerful tools to make all this happen and we categorize them into two buckets: customizations and extensions.

In this comprehensive 5-part series, you will get "How To" guides for building the most common commercetools customizations and extensions:

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How-To Guides

Building commercetools Extensions - Overivew

Building commercetools Extensions - Overview

Building commercetools Custom Fields

Custom Fields

Building commercetools Custom Objects

Custom Objects

Building commercetools Subscriptions


Building commercetools API Extensions

API Extensions