commercetools White Paper: Connected Cars

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“Customers increasingly value simplicity and convenience in our offerings. With commercetools’ platform technology, we are able to focus on our customers and deliver unique retail experiences. commercetools’ technology aligns perfectly with our digital strategy at Audi. For a big company like Audi, commercetools adds value by redefining the development process of products and services. Speed, flexibility, and sustainability are key ingredients when it comes to product development.”


– Said Bük, Digital Business at AUDI AG

Changes in customer behavior and technology have had a considerable impact on car manufacturers. We're seeing the digitization of the whole automotive industry, with a focus on direct-to-consumer strategies. New business models and income streams are opening up as they concentrate less on being a hardware provider and instead on delivering mobility services and unified experiences along the entire customer journey – from configuring new cars, searching for used ones, and offering payment and warranty services, to providing personalized offerings for spare parts and accessories.


About the White Paper

This next paradigm shift in mobility is the concept of “connected mobility”. It is an amalgamation of new technologies, software, and user-friendly solutions to take the automotive industry towards autonomous driving. Connected mobility is expected to put all major economies in the world on a significant growth curve. As connected cars become a new mobility phenomenon, the two most prevailing questions are: How will autonomous driving change the patterns set by traditional OEM companies? And what does the future look like in terms of features, digital services, and value-add?

In this white paper, we take a closer look at the changes the automotive industry is going through, as well as new opportunities and business models that are evolving. You will learn more about:

  • How electronic mobility is changing the automotive industry
  • Autonomous cars and their impact
  • Digital services in the car including in-car commerce, entertainment, smart navigation, etc.
  • How real-life automotive brands are integrating modern technology to improve customer experience