Essential Overview

Target Group
Developers, Project Leads, Solution Architects, and other deeply involved developer roles.

2 days In-Person, 3 half-days virtual 


  • commercetools has released new SDKs in Q3 2020 (See the platform documentation for more information).

  • Our training courses will gradually shift to using the new v2 SDKs, starting to default to v2 SDKs in November 2020
  • However, exercises and solutions will be handed out to participants in both versions whenever possible. Differences will be explained.

About the Training

This two-day course is designed for developers with little or no knowledge of the commercetools platform. An expert trainer will introduce you to one of our different SDKs and help the learner become familiar with the SDK and the commercetools API resources through hands-on exercises. The course addresses a wide range of technical concepts, explains best practices and discusses different implementation scenarios.  

Duration: 2 days in-person, 3 half-days virtual classroom training


Who should take this course?

Developers and technical leaders, for example

  • Software Developers
  • Project and Technical Team Leads
  • Technical Solution Architects



  • Sound professional experience in the programming language of the SDK being used in the course.


After this course, you will be able to:

  • Create and maintain commercetools organizations and projects.
  • Use the taught SDK to create, synchronize, and maintain resources in commercetools projects.
  • Understand platform customization and extensibility options at a high level. 
  • Extend and adjust commercetools projects programmatically with own business needs.



Getting to know commercetools
Organizations and Projects
Introduction to commercetools and the commercetools mindset 
commercetools touchpoints
commercetools regions, organizations, projects

Resource Life Cycle
Introduction to the SDK being used in the course 
CRUD operations on resources
Authorization flows

Products and Resource Synchronization
Products, Product Types, and Product Variants
Product and Project Synchronization
Import API

Carts, Orders, and Checkout
Checkout and Order Creation
Channels, inventory information, and state machines for implementation of business requirements
Product and cart discounts
commercetools Payment API

Store Management & "me" API authorization
Store based cart management
"Me" endpoints for access from SPAs and native mobile apps

Search, Queries, and Bulk Download
Product Search
Bulk export optimization 
commercetools graphQL

Extending commercetools
API Extensions and Message Subscriptions
Custom Types, Custom Objects
commercetools' machine learning APIs

Optional Topics
Deployment approaches and tradeoffs
Logging, error handling, performance considerations
The M.A.C.H. initiative

The SUNRISE demo store

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