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D2C in manufacturing: Background, opportunities and challenges

D2C or Direct-to-Consumer in the manufacturing sector is a phenomenon of the digital age and specifically of this century. By the start of the 2000s, the sales structures in B2B were clearly defined: Manufacturers produced their goods, sold them to a network made up of intermediaries or wholesale dealers, who in turn supplied to smaller dealers locally or to the end users. At the turn of the millennium, more and more companies focused on establishing online shops and therefore on an accompanying online sales strategy also.

Influenced by increasingly strong international competition with digital customer experience strategies, the demands on B2B companies increased. This especially applied to customer focus and personalization. With more and more companies establishing direct and personal interactions with consumers, "Direct-to-Consumer" as new form of sales was born.


7 Steps to Direct to Consumer (D2C) eCommerce

This White Paper will guide you through the 7 steps to establish "Direct-to-Consumer" eCommerce. We have a deeper look at:

  • The manufacturing sector and D2C
  • The 7 steps for starting a D2C online shop successfully
  • The future outlook and trends


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