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This White Paper Discusses

  • Why monolith digital commerce platforms are not designed to scale with changing market demands
  • The benefits of headless commerce architectures, and how they can be leveraged by enterprises
  • Why migration doesn’t have to be a “lift and shift” experience, and how to move from a monolith platform to a microservices architecture in increments
  • How to identify the right time for the business to begin migration
  • Why APIs, open architecture and headless commerce platforms are enabling best of breed digital experiences

From Monolith to Microservices: Content Overview

When enterprises implemented ecommerce platforms in the early 2000s, the monolith architecture delivered. It was one, lightweight and unified application. The typical, and most essential features and functionalities were pre-packaged. But today, responding to customer and market demands has became more complex and delivery expectations more urgent. We’re witnessing a shift in ecommerce; enterprises are turning to microservices to increase their agility and stay ahead of customer needs.

But how can enterprises adopt microservices architectures - particularly if their ecommerce solution is currently being deployed via a legacy, monolith platform?

This white paper helps enterprises identify the right time to migrate, and shares the best monolith to microservices migration process to adopt.