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In today’s complex market, we hear "cloud commerce" in almost every software vendor's offerings. But what does it really mean? In many cases, it means legacy, on-premise software monoliths being hosted in a public cloud.

At commercetools, we don't offer cloud commerce. We offer a truly cloud-native, multi-tenancy commerce platform from day 1. That means our entire infrastructure, development, and deployment processes take place in the cloud.

So don't be "cloud-washed". If you want things like fast time-to-market, automatic scaling, zero downtime, and continuous updates, you don't need cloud commerce. You need cloud-native commerce.

If you have been sceptic about:

  • whether your e-commerce projects in the cloud are really secure
  • whether your project success can be fundamentally improved
  • whether you always have full access to your data,

then you should invest your limited time in this event. 

Meet us at the Google Office London on 26 November 2019 from 9.00 am!

We are looking forward seeing you in London.

Your commercetools team







eCommerce Technology Director at EPAM
James Dye
Business Director UK at commercetools


Time Topic
09.00 am Welcome notes by Google
09.05 am Introduction of EPAM and commercetools
09.15 am Burberry - a true story from the cloud (presented by EPAM)
09.45 am Panel discussion on Cloud Commerce its perks and drawbacks 
10.15 am Snacks and networking






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Google Office London
6 Pancras Square
Kings Cross, London