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Moving from a monolithic commerce platform to commercetools

In today’s fast-moving commerce business, brands and merchants need to enhance their agility and flexibility. Customer demands are continually changing, new touch points are appearing, and innovative ways of communication between consumers and suppliers have emerged. Take voice commerce, for example. Within only a few years, more than 100 million smart speakers have been sold. Similar to the app store which helped Apple introduce the mobile age, Amazon lets 3rd-party developers build new capabilities on top of their voice platform.

Brands and retailers need to be able to build new prototypes quickly, experiment, create great services for their customers and drive loyalty. The reality, however, is that many organizations are blocked from building new business models by their slow, hard-to-adapt software platforms which effectively stifle innovation. The only way out: move to another, more flexible architecture.


About the White Paper

This white paper leads architects and their teams through the platform migration from a monolithic legacy commerce platform such as SAP Hybris or IBM Websphere to commercetools. You will learn:

  • Why organizations are choosing to migrate
  • The 6 necessary steps in a migration process
  • When is the right time for a migration project


About the Author


Dr. Roman Zenner

Since 2001, Dr. Roman Zenner works as an author, consultant, and speaker in e-commerce. He has written several books on web shop software and regularly publishes articles in professional magazines and blogs. Dr. Zenner runs as well as the podcast ShopTechTalks. Furthermore, he speaks at conferences, teaches university classes, and moderates expert panels.

In his work, Roman focuses on next generation commerce technologies and explores what retail will look like in a post-web world. Since 2015, he is a full-time employee of commercetools GmbH working as an Industry Analyst.