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About the White Paper

Putting a successful Omnichannel strategy into practice requires adjustments to the organizational structure and breaking down information silos for expanding sales channels across departments and operating efficiently.

The commerce platform used must also be designed so that it supports a wide variety of different frontends via standardized interfaces – from webshops and mobile applications to POS and devices from the “Internet of things” – and can be connected easily to third-party software.

Advantages of a customer-focused Omnichannel strategy: Content Overview

  • How retailers benefit from an Omnichannel strategy
  • How successful Omnichannel retailers already implement such a strategy 
  • Which practical steps you need to take to build your Omnichannel retail business


About the Author


Dr. Roman Zenner

Since 2001, Dr. Roman Zenner works as an author, consultant, and speaker in e-commerce. He has written several books on web shop software and regularly publishes articles in professional magazines and blogs. Dr. Zenner runs as well as the podcast ShopTechTalks. Furthermore, he speaks at conferences, teaches university classes, and moderates expert panels.

In his work, Roman focuses on next generation commerce technologies and explores what retail will look like in a post-web world. Since 2015, he is a full-time employee of commercetools GmbH working as an Industry Analyst.