Headless Commerce Implementation Guide

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About the Headless Commerce Implementation Best Practices Guide

Align all your resources and vendors with proven techniques to ensure a successful commercetools implementation.

See how to run a headless commerce implementation through the five stages of a project lifecycle including: Initiating, Planning, Executing, Monitoring and Closing.
In this white paper, we define the best practices developed by certified PMs who have implemented commercetools – a cloud-native, headless solution built on microservices – at leading global enterprises. It includes examples from actual deployments and provides an easy-to-follow project management framework for success.

You will learn:

  • Team roles and how to align teams across disciplines and vendors
  • How the modified agile approach is best for headless commerce implementations
  • Warning signs and frameworks for success based on actual projects
  • How a headless commerce implementation differs from - and - is similar to a monolithic implementation

FAQs answered in our Headless Commerce Implementation Best Practices Guide

  • What tech team members are needed for a successful headless commerce migration?
  • Differences between a headless commerce and monolithic commerce implementation?
  • How to run a headless commerce implementation?
  • Is Agile or waterfall best for headless?
  • How to change organizational mindset during a commerce migration?
  • How should you plan for a headless commerce migrations that include CMS and DXP vendors?