commercetools White Paper Replatforming

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About the White Paper

The e-commerce market is developing rapidly: Business models are constantly changing and every industry regularly welcomes new entrants. In this white paper, a group of replatforming experts will show you how to develop core teams and a technical platform that responds to our fast-changing ecommerce environment.

This white paper answers questions such as:

  • Why is a replatforming strategy important and what should ecommerce professionals take into account when drawing up such a strategy?
  • What might your team, approach and tools look like?
  • What does a platform that allows an organization to keep updating and fine-tuning its ecommerce environment look like?

In the context of this white paper, a platform is a software solution that allows organizations to carry out online transactions. A crucial feature is that the platform must also be customer-oriented – in other words, we are not referring to back-office applications. The platform generally consists of one or more systems with functionalities such as a Content Management System (CMS), search function, shopping cart and checkout. Replatforming, in turn, involves modifying this kind of platform in order to meet new needs and wishes in a rapidly developing market.

This Blue Paper was made in collaboration with Shopping Tomorrow.