Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of Headless Commerce

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About the White Paper

As the software industry is moving toward more agile releases and more cost-efficient pricing models, choosing headless technology as part of a modern commerce platform is now the way forward in pricing strategy. 

Traditional commerce suites that were designed for a previous era have become obsolete – too rigid, complex and expensive to work with – for today’s business needs. These old monolith software suites prevent businesses from expressing their unique brand and value propositions, while hindering their ability to adapt and scale.

Stop losing sales and time to ancient software, and start growing revenue and focusing on your actual business needs with a new, better solution that just works – the commercetools platform liberates businesses to create unique, inspiring shopping experiences based on flexible, scalable and cost-efficient digital commerce.

“We saw the value in modernizing our platform with commercetools right away in terms of time and cost savings.”
– Tina Lykke Kristensen, Senior Manager Non-Food eCommerce, Salling Group

This white paper explains the impact of headless commerce technology on the total costs of ownership of a digital commerce software for business:

  • See the overall TCOs of a headless commerce
  • Explore the benefits of SaaS vs on-premise pricing models of a modern commerce
  • Learn which eCommerce website costs should be considered before migrating to a new commerce solution