About the Virtual Roundtable 

Why today's Senior Management Buy-in, DevOps culture, Cloud Adoption & Platform Thinking are key for rapid business model transformation and overcoming a new digital divide. 

Speed is a driving factor more than ever now. Before COVID-19, the split of online / offline was 10 / 90, however, during COVID-19 it changed to 80 / 20 or more for many industries.

Many traditional organisations did not consider speed as a factor before, even though it was recommended by the digital team. However, as a result of the crisis, there’s sudden realisation that they are behind the curve and need to rapidly adjust their business model or push a channel shift to be successful in future.

We’ve discussed root causes and effects of being a late adopter, and what is leading to the strong divide between leaders and those falling behind with Salah Zayakh, Senior Manager Emerging Markets and Technologies from REWE Digital and Jesus Alberto, Technical Development Director, eCommerce from Carrefour. The virtual roundtable was hosted by Markus Tillmann, Executive Vice President at Mindcurv and Hajo Eichler, Chief Technology Officer at commercetools.

The benefits you will get from watching the webinar:

  • Gain a holistic picture of what is influencing the growth of digital businesses
  • Better understanding on what the new digital divide between digital leaders and late adopters are, and what effect it has
  • Learn from European leaders and get an understanding of what they bet on
  • Insights on how you can assess where your company stands and what megatrends you should look at more closely



  • Introduction
  • Topic discussion
  • Q&A
  • Key takeaways

Watch the webinar

Thank you for your interest in our webinar. You can watch the recording of our webinar below.

About Mindcurv

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As well they have rescued B2C & B2B businesses during peak sales periods, such as CyberWeek and Holiday season, by stabilising their digital commerce platforms.

All this is due to the orchestration of future-ready technology, agile processes, and talented people. Mindcurv is a team of over 250 members from 18 nationalities. Their global offices operate as a single, borderless team servicing customers around the world.


Salah Zayakh - REWE Digital GmbH

Salah Zayakh
Senior Manager Emerging Markets and Technologies at REWE Digital GmbH

Jesus Alberto - Carrefour

Jesus Alberto
Technical Development Director, eCommerce at Carrefour

Hajo Eichler - commercetools

Hajo Eichler
Chief Technology Officer at commercetools

Markus Tillmann - Mindcurv

Markus Tillmann
Executive Vice President at Mindcurv